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Why join INHAA?

  • Membership wall certificate
  • Committees lead by experienced EMTs
  • Be part of changing state laws
  • Get the latest news on Hauling laws and information
  • Be part of an association that puts Professionalism and Legalities first
  • Be the first to read INHAA blogs on various types
  • Education and Information on various machines and tools in the industry
  • permission to use INHAA logo on your website and marketing materials
  • listed in INHAA Membership directory on INHAA website
  • added to private Facebook Group for mentoring and networking with other leading therapists in the industry
  • First to know about upcoming INHAA events
  • discounts on INHAA events
  • Join in 2021 to be a founding member

To join International Natural Healing for Animals Associations you must either be a graduate of Midwest Natural Healing for Animals or meet the follow requirements.

Requirements for Membership to INHAA
*Fill out INHAA Application for Membership

*Complete INHAA Membership Test with an 85% or higher

*Submit 3 Case Studies with before and after pictures
*20 minute Video of you working on a horse doing one side with compressions, percussions and locates
*Must have minimum of 90 hours of training

Upon submitting case studies and a video a review panel will access them and a letter with further instructions will be sent to you.
After passing all requirements a founding member payment of $50 will be require to receive your wall certificate, permission to advertise INHAA on your website and be listed on INHAA website directory

fill out an application to join.

INHAA members do not provide any medical diagnosis, prescribe medication or perform medical procedures including chiropractic care. INHAA requires members of this association to respect the laws of their state and adhere to their scope of practice. INHAA and its members understand that animal body work and care is not a substitute for veterinary care.

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